ten talents

  Posted by Daniel on Saturday, June 21 1:46 am

Are these parables really about money? Or are they about the gifts that we are given? The bible says as believers we are given gifts to do Gods work.
Verse 15 of Matthew 25 says one person recieved five talents, one two talents and one one talent, to every man according to his several abilities. If these are gifts such as evangelizing, witnessing, careing for the sick or those imprisoned, etc. then we are not all given the same gifts. One person may have many gifts, others fewer gifts, and some may only have one gift, but we are expected to show an increase in believers when our Lord returns. We are to bring others into the flock. To do the Lords work.
Those who used their gifts as they were instructed were praised by the Lord and promised more gifts because they had been faithful with the few things they were initially given. And yet those who were given a single gift and small amount of responsibility and did not act on their instructions had their gift taken away and were cast into darkness in utter dispair and shamed as an unprofitable servant.
The bible says we are called to be servants. When I envision a mansion in biblical times I see many servants, from the highly visible and well-dressed doorman and personal butler to the lowest person cleaning the toilets (or their equivalent in those times) and those performing all the jobs in between. The work of the Lord is the same, someone has to do the dirty jobs and praise God He gives certain people the abilities, the character and compassion to do a certain job. When He choses someone He gives them everything they need to do His work. BUT, they must step foreward grasp the hanldes of the plow, undertake their work and never look back. They must keep their eyes on the prize, Jesus Christ.
In His service, Daniel.

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