Prepared or Unprepared To Attend

  Posted by Robert Corbitt on Wednesday, May 14 7:00 pm

The parable of the marrige festivities in[ Matt.22:2-14] covers the whole panorama of that seen in the New Testament, from Matthew chapter one through the first half of Revelation chapter nineteen. This parable covers God's complete dealing, throughout the New Testament,with both Israel and the Church in relation to the Kingdom of the heavens; and it extends up to and includes the marriage festivities in [Rev.19:7-9], preceding the Messianic Era. The kingdom of the heavens{ with a view to the wedding festivities, seen in the parable} was extended to Israel through the gospel accounts, Israel rejected the offer, and the kingdom was taken from Israel[Matt.21:33-43]. Then, another entity[ the Church] was called into existance to be the recipient of that which Israel had rejected[Acts.2:1ff;cfMatt.16:16-19]. But, as in the parable, there was a reoffer of the kingdom to Israel, something seen throughout the book of Acts. The one now in possession of the kingdom[the infant Church] reoffered it to Israel beginning in Acts chapter two. However, as in the parable, rejection again occurred; and the servants extended the offer were mistreated, and even killed [Acts4:17-21; 5:40,41;7;54-60]. and , because of this, the same thing again occurred as seen in the parable. Between 66 and 70 A.D.,Titus and his Roman legions were allowed by the Lord to come against the Israelities in Jerusalem after a manner which resulted in both the destruction of the people and the buring of there city. The call was then extended only to those seen in the parable as other than the jewish people, those out in "the highways" {The epistles-all of them- center around the offer of the kingdom of the heavens to Christains during the present time}. And, as in the parable, the end of the matter will witness some Christians prepared to attend these festivities and others unprepared to attend. Proper or improper preparation is given in both Matt.22:10-12; Rev.19:7,8. It has to do with possession or nonpossession of a wedding garment. Those propertly dressed will be allowed to participate in the festivities, looking forward to that which lies ahead-- the Son's coming reign over the earth, with his consort queen. But those improperly dressed will be denied entrance into these festivities and left in the darkness outside,with nothing to look forward to during the Son,s coming reign, for they will occupy no place in his kingdom. They will occupy no place among those forming the Son's wife, His consort queen.

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