Revelation 13:15 The Power to Give Life


Revelation 13:15
The Power to Give Life


The second beast was given power
to give life/spirit/breath
to the
image of the beast ,
Enlarged Image from Kitchen Wall of Couple behind San Bernardino terrorist attack  
so that the image of the beast 
shall speak/talk...???

[even/then/also~kai] [of them/he~autos] [to give/to grant~didomi] [to give/to grant~didomi] [breath/wind/spirit~pneuma] [an image~eikon] [an animal/venomous dangerous beast/bestial man~therion]
[in order that~hina] [an image~eikon] [an animal/venomous dangerous beast/bestial man~therion] [to talk/utter words~laleo] [even/then/also~kai] [to talk/utter words~laleo] [even/then/also~kai] 
[to make or do~poieo] [as~hosos] [kiss/prostrate oneself in homage~proskuneo] [whatsoever/whosoever~an] [an absolute denial/ ruling out its possibilities~me] [kiss/prostrate oneself in homage~proskuneo] 
[an image~eikon] [an animal/venomous dangerous beast/bestial man~therion] [to kill/ to extinguish/abolish~apokteino] [in order that~hina]

Speak? So it wasn't speaking before? It didnt have a voice cause there was no spirit? שׂש س
So the Image of the Beast will Speak/Preach Σѯξ ع with the New Spirit? שׂש س
Whoever worships the beast and its image שׂש س 
For those who worship the beast and its image or for anyone who receives the mark of its name.

There is No God χ but Allah س & Muhammad Σѯξع is the prophet of Allah ϛ = Muslim statement of faith aka the shahada

Islam has been given the power to preach its false gospel, if you accept that Allah = God, you have already received the "Mark of its Name"

Dont pray or worship/honor or pledge allegiance to any God/Religion/Church/Country/Government/Man.

Jesus Christ is the Truth and the Light! By HIS NAME only shall you be saved!

There are many names of god throughout the world so Jesus said to pray "Our Father in heaven, how Holy be your Name". 

For there to be a Father there has to be Sons/Daugthers! 

How "Holy be thou Name" but no name is given, pretty smart if ya ask me!

This is the antichrist, the one who denies the Father and the Son.


The image above is from the Kitchen Wall of the Couple behind the San Bernardino terrorist attack. 
The Sword of Allah is clearly visable on the tapestry of the 99 names of Allah.
If you see this on somebodies wall notify ?????

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