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  Posted by poppy on Sunday, January 25 1:44 pm

i believe in my heart the Lord jesus christ n con fess with my mouth that God raised him from the dead. the bible says that confession with the mouth leads unto righteousness, n if we do all this we'll be saved. i believe in the Lord Jesus, without which i don't know where i'd be. my request today is for the Lord to heal my physical body, to continue to gard me against the enemies attack to try n put doubt or unbelief in my mind. that when i read the full armor from eph. that it would come alive in my heart n life. i also ask for God to raise up a standard against the enemy because he has come in like a flood. he has had me under spiritual attack for over 6 yrs. the man i married 15yrs ago is no longer the man i married. before he got what he thinks is saved n i got ill he had a sweet side to him i no longer see. even though he still could have an abusive angry side but showed rarely he loved me n he showed it. but now it's almost like if i don't do anything wrong or say anything that's out of faith in his eyes, he'll look for something when he gets home so he can scream yell n judge me. he treats me like i'm a 2 yr old child unable to do anything for myself. if i am doing anything wrong it's because i'm so busy looking to see if i've made mistake the kind i know he'd yell at me for anyway, that i'm probably overlooking things that aren't pleasing to him n forgeting to make it right. he constantly throws in my face what do i do around here n where's the respect he believes he deserves that i should be showing, for all the stuff he does around here. for paying all my doctors bills n medicines. i believe he's dreaming there i pay the bulk of all my meds n docs. but he'll go out n buy software for his computer, spend money here n there n never concults me about it. infact it's like he's forgot i'm his wife but has instead become something that he can come home n trash whenever he feels like it. he doesn't hit me but he has wounded my spirit so badly that i'm finding it so hard to love him like i should. i don't hate him. never. but i feel dead inside now. i use to love him so much that i thought nothing could ever destroy it. well anyway i'm asking for prayer that if the Lord wants that i continue for me to stay here with him that he strengthen me spiritualy, mentaly, physicaly, n emotionaly to be able to stand up under his constant day in n out of screaming n yelling at me. n that he restore the love i once had for him. n to help me to never grow bitter n develope a hard heart over all this. otherwise open doors for me to be able to move out of here into a nice 1bdrm apt. of my own n that he would supply all my needs if i'm to live on my own n that he would open doors where i will be able to find people to come in n help me move n pak to get out of here. please i beg u i need your prayers please storm the gates of heaven for me for all these needs today n everyday till God answers prayer. thanx ysic poppy

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