Posted by Michael R. Roth on Tuesday, August 19 5:26 pm

These are the truths I hold to be self evident !

And in the beginning, before there was anything, there wasn't anything but God. And God, having spent an eternity alone, for reasons known only unto Himself, decided it was time to create the universe. A task, like unto Himself, is infinite.

And, as our scientists, and astronomers discover in awe, the remarkable depth, and expanse of Gods creation, they have as of yet to discover the one most important, and unmistakable truth. That now, as in the beginning, there isn't anything, anything but God!

And God, in His great wisdom, has given us three great gifts. The first, is the gift of life, thus all life must be cherished as we cherish our own.

The second, is the gift of free will, as we are free to follow our own path, or to lead by example, in the light of God.

The third gift, the one we have chosen to disregard with abandon, is the gift of innocence. We must adore the innocent for all of their beauty, purity, and perfection. For whosoever would defile, degrade, disdain, or destroy the innocent, it would be better to have never been born!

And, the Great Spirit, the Holy Spirit of God, can be found everywhere, and within everything. For everything with a purpose has a spirit, and even the rocks and stones, even the sand and dirt are not without their purpose. Thus, the soul of every man, woman, and child, is nothing more, and nothing less than a small part of Gods great and infinite spirit, separated from God by Gods great gift of free will.

If you want to look into the eyes of God, look into a pair of eyes. If you want God to hear your voice, speak. If you don't want God to know your every thought, don't think. Everyone on the face of the Earth must come to realize, that every word you speak, every action you take, even every thought within your head, is being witnessed by God the Almighty Infinite Creator!

And we, as members of humankind, having been given these great gifts by God the Almighty Infinite Source of all that is, ever has been, or ever will be, will be held accountable for all of our actions, and inactions within our lives. For, if it were not for those standing up and taking action against the atrocities being committed within our world, both legal and illegal, God the Almighty Infinite Creator, would most assuredly make us aware of His contempt, and dissatisfaction of the world we have created. And we, most assuredly must consider the fact that God could consider us to be un redeemable, and un salvageable, not only as a race, religion, or nation, but all of humankind, throughout all of the world!

Let not one person think to be more worthy than another, for in Gods eyes we are all the same. For we can all be held accountable for the fate of one, just as one can be held accountable for the fate of all! ! ! . . .

as Inspired by God, Michael R. Roth

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