Bus programs

  Posted by Faith on Friday, May 26 3:11 pm

A typical Sunday morning routine on a bus on the way to church should include songs that get the kids awake and excited about their destination. It is also good to have one of the bus workers give a short Bible lesson. It is important to settle the kids down and make sure they are listening before you start this part. This can be accomplished by singing some calmer songs such as "Jesus Loves Me" or " God Is So Good."

On most buses I've worked on the most effective Bible lesson have been the ones that have been short and to the point. It is sometimes hard to hear on the Bus and kids have very short attention spans. Make sure also that the gospel is given everytime someone gives a lesson. I have seen more then a few kids get saved on the way home after church or on the way to sunday school as a result.

Games are good for the ride home. If you don't keep the kids occupied they will make up their own fun which may cause trouble.

Pass-It-Up is a great bus game: The bus is divided by sides with a worker at the front of each row. A third person asks the bus to pass up certain items such as candy wrappers, a penny, a shoe, a glove, a hat, etc (use your imagination, but be careful about passing up things of value!). The side of the bus that passes up their item to the front first gets a point. The side with the most points wins.

Balloon Vollyball: Close all windows up to 2 or 3 inches. Every rider must remain seatted to play. The Balloon is vollied back and forth from the back of the bus to the front. It is a good idea to have a couple of workers at the front of the bus to keep the balloon from hitting or distractimg the driver!

Stone Statues: I like this one when the kids are a little too crazy and need to be calmed down. Tell them you have a new game for them to play and make it sound really exciting. Have a prize to show the kids and tell them that they can win it. Tell the kids you want them to be stone statues and all they can do is breath and blink! The statue that is sitting up the tallest, stilllest and quietest wins. The key to this game is YOU. If you are not excited and think that this game is worth playing then the kids won't be either! Let them sit still for a minute or two before you declare a winner. The bus should be very quiet and most kids will be calmed down.

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