Hazardous School Bus Driver

  Posted by Linn Walker on Monday, May 19 6:12 am

We have a driver on our childrens bus that is out of control. She has been seen speeding by numerous parents and has backed into a fire marker by someones driveway. She treats our children horribly with sarcastic goading comments to entice them into argumentative situations so she can disipline them. However, I think the biggest issue is the speeding and the constant selective monitoring of the students to the point she is hardly watching were she is going, then blames the students because they are too loud. She is a wacko from the word go. We have had meetings and telephone conversations with the transportation dept. and they keep ignoring the speedin, saying they have set up random monitoring and have no evidence of it, in viewing the videos they find nothing wrong with her constant badgering of the children, pulling over all the time to make the be quiet and change seats when they are not even being loud. We have asked for this driver to be removed and replaced due to her lack of maturity necessary in dealing with our children in what could be a very dangerous situation with her lack of consentration in driving due to the constant nit picking and childish goading while driving. We were told "take your kids off the bus" if you don't like it. I think that comment speaks for itself coming from the transportation superintendant. We have repeatedly asked for help in trying to understand why they would allow this driver to maintain her position under the circumstances, we had a meeting with 15 sets of parents in attendance along with children, and that was all but one parent that I was able to get a hold of, the others we did not know who they were. At that meeting the driver insinuated all the children and the parents were lying and she was not at fault for anything. I don't understand how this could be. Our tax dollars pay the majority of her salary yet we have no say in who drives our children to school so we can be assured they are being transported in a mentally healthy and safe enviroment. I can't help but think this is a union issue with the way that they are defending her. I have repeatedly asked for all of the policies they keep quoting me yet none seem to be in existance. Would someone please help me. I don't feel I should have to remove my child from this bus when my tax dollars pay for the service and drive them to school everyday. Hoever, if this woman continues to drive I will have no other choice for my childrens safety. Help guide me in some direction of help. Thank You.

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