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Jesus Christ Parables

Jesus Christ told numerous parables as recorded in the New Testament of the Holy Bible.
According to the dictionary a parable is a story designed to teach a moral.
Ah, but they are so much more.
Depending upon the level of understanding a parable can be just a simple story
or an elaborate display of God's love for us.
As our understanding of God deepens so do new levels of understanding of his parables occur.
The following parables are beautiful expressions of God's love for each and every one of us.
Many of the parables in the book of Matthew are
repeated in slightly different versions and recorded by other disciples - in Mark, Luke or John.

Please feel free to add your knowledge to the parables listed here at Web-Ministry!

Seeds are planted everyday and everywhere


List of the Jesus Christ Parables


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Parable: lazarus.txtthread

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Parable: mustardseed.txtthread

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Parable: lazarus.txtthread

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Parable: mustardseed.txtthread

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Posted: Wednesday, November 28 1:56 am
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User Location: Somalia
Parable: mustardseed.txtthread

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Rosalind Crumlin
Posted: Monday, July 6 9:01 pm
Post subject: Would like the picture of a mustard seed tree
User Location: West Columbia, SC
Parable: mustardseed.txtthread

Please send me a picture of a of a full grown mustard seed tree. Please send it as soon as possible.


carol murray
Posted: Monday, July 6 6:12 am
Post subject: Picture of mustard tree
User Location: El Paso, TX
Parable: mustardseed.txtthread

Did anyone find a picture of a full grown mustard tree? I also need this for my Sunday School class next week. Any ideas? Thank you, cjm
Posted: Saturday, July 4 12:23 pm
Post subject: Greeting!
User Location: sweden
Parable: unjuststeward.txtthread

Thansks to the Lord for my life in him and joy witht thanksgiving for my rich experience in heavenly faith and journey to evelasting victory in heaven and for Jesus who die for me and my sickness thanks to him for every second and big praise and love,thanks and bles and pray for gospel,keijo sweden
Bob Jones
Posted: Friday, July 3 8:24 am
Post subject: The riddle
User Location: Utah
Parable: lazarus.txt

Jesus told the disciples on the road to Emmaus that all the scriptures spoke of him.

We should be particularly mindful of:

Eze 17:2 Son of man, put forth a riddle , and speak a parable unto the house of Israel;
Da 8:23 And in the latter time of their kingdom, when the transgressors are come to the full, a king of fierce countenance, and understanding dark sentences , shall stand up.

Jesus not only told the parable, but spoke a riddle in the parable. You have been discussing the parable. Let me share on the riddle. The riddles always speak of Christ. So we start with Christ as we parse the parable.

In every other parable of Luke, the rich man is Christ. We should not expect it to be different here. Christ is portrayed in the language of the riddles as prophet, priest, king and judge. In this riddle he is the judge since he wears purple. Yes. Kings wear purple also. But they wore it because Kings were judges as well.

After the judges, Samuel judged Israel, then he made his sons judges, bu they were evil. So the people asked Samuel to give them a king to judge them:

1 Sam 8:5 And said unto him, Behold, thou art old, and thy sons walk not in thy ways: now make us a king to judge us like all the nations.

Gold is the color of the king, but he wore purple as judge. So the rich man is Christ as judge.

Fine linen represents burial clothes. Christ as judge died and was wrapped in fine linen. Before we go on, some will stop me and say that Jesus was not a judge. But John says his life was the light of the world, and that the light was condemnation. His perfect life condemns us and puts us to shame because he resisted sin when tempted in every way as we are. In the riddles, the judge must die to signify that judgment ends. In the same way, the prophet dies to signify that prophecies have all been fulfilled.

Now the name Lazarus means "whom God helps" and he also represents Christ but in the role of Priest.
Lazarus has the Hebrew equivalent name of Eleazer, who was the high priest. The narrative of the other Lazarus is a picture of the death of Christ and he is represented as a sick priest who then dies and rose again. This Lazarus is also sick. So we ask the riddle: In what way is Christ a sick priest? The answer is that while Jesus was alive he was an ineffectual priest because he was from the wrong tribe to be a priest. To be high priest, he had to die and be raised from the dead like the other Lazarus.

Jesus had 'emptied himself' of deity, and we call this kenosis. He partook of only a small portion of the bread compared to what he experience prior to the kenosis.

The dogs are the gentiles, and there is some word-play taking place that resolves to: they were separated by gleaning his wound. Christ's harvest began when living water poured from his pierced side, and the harvest included the gentiles which were gleaned.

When Lazarus dies he becomes fully the High Priest. As the rich man is tormented in death he typifies Jesus and cries out "Why have you forsaken me?" He receives no relief. This is the cry of the judge. There was no evil in Christ's judgment, why then did he have to die? So that judgment would end.

It is Christ as High Priest that sits at the right hand of God.

5 is the number of man in the riddles, 10 the number of the dual-natured man. So Christ as judge pleads and says he has brothers of flesh only who are likewise doomed and pleads that the Priest return to tell them. If Christ as priest had remained on earth, he would not be making intercession in heaven. Therefore Lazarus is not sent back.

Moses and the prophets are a sufficient testimony to show men that they are lost. And Christ in heaven is a sufficient priest to save them.

So we see a changing role for Christ as judge to Christ as Priest. Judgments cease. Judgment and grace cannot be mixed, so Lazarus cannot visit the rich man.

Pr 25:2 It is the glory of God to conceal a thing: but the honour of kings is to search out a matter.
Monty Nelson
Posted: Saturday, June 13 10:55 pm
Post subject: mustard seed
User Location: Commerce, GA
Parable: mustardseed.txtthread

I am looking for information that is at once Biblical and biological and reconciling the seed and the tree or large shrub.
Thank you.
Posted: Monday, June 8 12:28 pm
Post subject: Picture of Mustard Tree
User Location: perth.
Parable: mustardseed.txtthread

I never see mustard tree (and seed) in my life. As a christian woman, its important for me to see this tree. Thankyou!
Posted: Wednesday, June 3 12:25 pm
Post subject: MAJOR
User Location: Norway
Parable: secretseedthread

Once upon a time there was a little girl. She lived very poorly.
Ann Davis
Posted: Tuesday, June 2 7:21 pm
Post subject: mustard tree photo
User Location: Louisa, Virginia
Parable: mustardseed.txtthread

I am looking for a large picture of a tree grown from a mustard seed to
use as an object lesson with children - young and old!
Jennifer Standage
Posted: Monday, June 1 10:10 pm
Post subject: Mustard tree
User Location: Blackheath London England
Parable: mustardseed.txtthread

I would like to see a picture of a mustard tree
Wendy Quince
Posted: Monday, May 25 6:39 pm
Post subject: The fig tree with no friut
User Location: Tennessee
Parable: barrenfigtree.txtthread

The fig tree without fruit represents our fruitless life. The leaves represent the word of God. You see we can have a lot of word in us but not produce fruit. The word of God in us has to be watered, birth in our spirit and then preached to the people. When the Lord told the man that he was going to cut the tree down and the man told the Lord no give me a year I will dig it up and fertilize it this reminded me of how Jesus interceeds on our behalf. Even Moses interceeded for the people of Israel when they were worshipping the golden calf. Even though this was a tree the man loved that tree and he knew that if he was given the chance to dig up the ground and fertilize it there would be fruit the following year. This is the same love the Lord has for us he always gives us a second chanc
Posted: Saturday, May 16 3:24 pm
Post subject: Lazarus
User Location: Orlando
Parable: lazarus.txt

The rich man and Lazarus is a prophetic parable. It comes before and after parables from Jesus. It is actually one of the most astonishing prophesies Jesus spoke. In a nutshell, the rich man, Israel, and the Lazarus, gentiles. It is prophesy of the role reversal that will be played out in the coming mellenia. The jews will not have the place of honor and blessings they once had and to the gentiles it will be given. The death in the parable is symbolizing the death and resurection of Christ. The 5 brothers are further evidence. The scriptures record for us the sons of Jacob through Leah were six, thus Judah had five brethren, all full-blood brothers. Those who would have heard Jesus 2,000 years ago would have understood as they lay great store in their ancestry. This rich man then was Judah the southern kingdom of the Jews. I could go on and on but, with this in mind now, read and study the parable again and see what God is showing you.
This parable is RICH with prophetic knowledge and understanding, and to take this incredible and powerful scripture and use it as some proof text for eternal torment in hell is small minded and missing the point all together.
Think people! God asks us to come and "reason" with Him.
James Scott Seeley
Posted: Tuesday, April 28 1:21 pm
Post subject: Picture of a Mustard Tree
User Location: Barbados
Parable: mustardseed.txtthread

I was looking for a picture of a mustard tree when this site came up. How wonderful is God to show me the way to this. Could some one please respond to my e-mail address and explain what this site is all about? Oh ya, I still want a picture of a mustard tree.
Blessing of the Father of us all on you!
Posted: Tuesday, March 31 1:47 am
Post subject: The Prodigal Son
User Location: Miami, FL
Parable: prodigalson.txtthread

Hey man, hope by now you had returned, THE LORD will bless you and keep you in his sight. God loves you.

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