Posted by PATRICK SPINKS on Friday, February 23 8:55 pm

The man who left Jerusalem and started out on his way to Jericho is a picture of a man who is leaving the presense of God (Jerusalem), and is going downhill or backsliding to the fleshly way of life (Jericho), a city that was known for its immorality. When he started down the dangerous path of backsliding, he left himself open to thieves and robbers, a type of spiritual wickedness and demonic activity. He was pounced upon and robbed. The first things the thieves took from him was his robe, a type of the robe of Christ's rightousness. While he lay at deaths door on the backslidden path, a priest walked by. The priest is a type of "religion". When your soul is in desperate need of a touch from God, "religion" is worthless. Your religious tag is of no value whatsoever. The priest, or "religion, passed the wounded man by. Then a Levite came by. A Levite was a lawyer. When your desperate and out of touch with God, the "law" can't save you. The law is good, but only for letting you know you are a sinner. The law can't save you. The Levite walked on by. Then came the Samaritan. The Samaritan's were mongrel Jews. They were Jews who had married with other nationalities. The Jews were commanded not to do that, so Samaritans were outcasts. The Samaritan is a perfect type of Christ, because you see, Jesus was also somewhat of a mongrel. If you read his geneology, you will find Rahab the harlot mentioned, as well as Ruth. These women were not Jewish by blood, but had married into the Jewish race. ---------let me inject here that interacial marriage has never been contrary to God's Law except for the Jews, and that only because of God's Divine Purpose for the Jewish people and the Jewish nation for the reconciliation of all things-----------The Samaritan, or Jesus in type, placed the injured man on His jackass and took him to the Inn, a type of the Church. The innkeeper (a type of the five ministry-pastor) was told to take care of the man and the Samaritan (Jesus), paid the price for his care.
The man of Law was being taught by Jesus through this parable that the Samaritan, the man of grace, was his neighbor. In salvation, the law is very important because it convinces man of sin. Religion is important, if it is pure and undefiled religion. But we are saved by Grace through faith and that not of ourselves lest any man should boast, but it is the gift of God.
One of the most important points in the story is the fact that the Samaritan (Jesus), placed the wounded man on his jackass. The jackass is a type of you and I, average joe Christian. God wants us to be obedient in going into the highways and hedges and compelling souls to come. The jackass followed Jesus and took the injured man to church so he could be placed in the hands of the five-fold ministry and be healed mentaly, physically,and spiritually. I would encourage all of us to be jackasses for Jesus until his return.

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