the celibration we might never have

  Posted by lance convey on Monday, July 24 4:46 pm

Bless all,

The lost son is anyone who falls from god, for a minute,a day ,a year or a lifetime, being prodigal is being seperated from god, this can happen daily in our work, in our worries, dreams, speach, thoughts, you name it it is out there to seperate us, the father to be true must let us exercise our free will. The older brother or the church did not go out searching for his brother, why not? it's his brother, the same blood, siblings together, the father did not send him out so as free will can be exercised across the board, the brother chose not to help and was not led to a repentive state to come home, a state that has renewing powers that can transform your whole life from death to life, experiencing the grace of god.

I wonder how many of us sit in church every weekend dead, praying for revival in our own hearts but shunning the call to do as the lord did and be jelous of the celibrations that occur when one returns, dont they celibrate in heaven when comes to the lord?, then shouldnt it be on earth as it is in heaven, no other place in the bible does it talk about such a large celbration being held for for such, as in the worlds eyes, a small thing,

I believe that this parable was being acted out to these peaple at the very same time they were listening to it,"as it is in heaven" but it instead of a lost son and an elderly church it was our heavenly father that sent out his son to gather the lost, to the point of dying on a cross, with his last words saying forgive them for they know not what they do, Jesus always led by example! shouldnt we all strive to do the same, lets not miss out on any more celbrations, see a brother in need give them a hand, call them if you havnt seen them in church for awhile, give to them if you have it, you will never go broke giving for god, Go out and look for the lost sheep in your pasture, do anything but dont let your heart harden warming a pew, remember Jonah? Ask your self who is more lost, the younger son or the older brother? Without God we know not what we do, we all need forgivness all round and the freeing power of gods grace,

So be graceful and be blessed

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